Terms & Conditions

  1. The information supplied by the applicant will be kept confidential. We will not use or share, either within YashNanotech Ltd or with a 3rd party, any information collected and dispatched for direct marketing purposes. In the same way the applicant should also keep the information obtained in this regard as confidential. He/She is not supposed to disclose or share the information partly or wholly to the 3rd party which may lead to unauthorized use of confidential information.
  2. Each party i.e. YashNanotech Ltd and the applicant, hereto recognizes that all information mutually disclosed to each party in connection with the matters mentioned herein shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed partly or wholly, without prior written consent of the other party, other than on a confidential basis and to those employees of each party who have a need to know such information, and shall not be used by such party for any purpose other than the carrying out of the proposed research development project either jointly or severally.
  3. The parties should acknowledge that all intellectual property, including any improvement there from, regarding underlying technology, the patent application and any other national or international patent application resulting there from, and all other applications of the technology, are and shall remain the entire and joint property of both the parties, as agreed upon mutually.
  4. After the successful rounds of meetings, the research work done by the applicant can be taken as the joint development program or as a technology transfer program with YashNanotech Ltd. on the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon.
  5. Once meeting is finalized after preliminary discussions via email/phones, YashNanotech Ltd will take care of the stay and the local conveyance of the applicant at Bangalore.
  6. YashNanotech Ltd will deploy a project scientist for product development. The required research laboratory/facilities have to be managed by the applicant. YashNanotech Ltd may provide some facilities based on discussion and mutual agreement. It may also provide some grant towards consumables etc.
  7. Expenditure towards securing patent rights and also the revenue from the licenses will be shared as agreed upon.
  8. If the applicant’s information is required by law or court orders then we are bound to provide it, rather in such a case YashNanotech Ltd will inform the applicant.